5080 / CAL Software




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5080/CAL Software


5080 / CAL is a standalone, simple-to-use complete calibration solution. Procedures can be developed quickly with a built-in, menu-driven wizard-based designer. Automated control of the 5080A speeds up calibrations, and the built-in database keeps track of all the records.

Reporting is important when managing the lab. Management reports and calibration certificates can be built in minutes using simple state-of-the-art tools.


  • Quickly calibrate a wide range of analog and digital workload.
  • 5080 / CAL provides automated control of the calibrator. The technician simply enters readings from the item being calibrated.
  • The Procedure Designer is easy to use. Simply select the type of signal needed to perform a test from a drop-down menu, enter the test level and set the test limits. It is that fast.
  • A test limit calculator reduces complex specifications to upper and lower limits quickly.
  • The AutoPro test wizard assists in building procedures. Select a function such as dc volts. Enter the lowest and highest range on a digital multimeter and the accuracy level, and a single click is all that is needed to create the test steps.
  • Create custom and ad-hoc reports quickly with menu-driven tools. Producing calibration certificates is as simple as writing a letter in a word processor.