COMPASS® Software for Pressure




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COMPASS® Software for Pressure


COMPASS® for Pressure Calibration Software features

  • Designed specifically for pressure calibration applications
  • Runs complete, automated calibration sequences on single or multiple units under test (UUTs), including leak testing and pretest exercising
  • Can include multiple temperatures and/or pressure settings
  • Compatible with transfer standards, piston gauges and data acquisition hardware from all manufacturers
  • Readily adapts level of automation to available hardware and UUTs
  • Calculates in-and-out-of-tolerance conditions; reports linearity and hysteresis for each UUT
  • Creates standard test data files that are easily imported into Microsoft® Excel and other software tools; also outputs to an external database
  • Advanced onboard report editor with simple template editing to produce customized calibration reports in Microsoft Word® format
  • Security options on hardware setups, data files and reports to assist in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Multiuser, networkable application and database; site license available
  • Supported by a detailed manual
  • Expert applications and configuration assistance available
  • Available in two versions with features, functions and cost to best fit your needs
  • Export COMPASS® data directly to MET/TEAM® database, allowing MET/TEAM® software to manage all your assets
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista and Microsoft® Windows 7 support
  • Updated help file documentation, including Report Editor fields
  • Calculate repeatability from a single test data file that includes two ascending runs
  • Ready support for calibration of molbox flow terminal pressure measurements'
  • Auto-detect support for Ruska references
  • Seat-based licensing for economical expansion to multiple users
  • Integrated support of Ruska Autofloat controllers and piston gauge monitors
  • Fully automated calibration and adjustment of the Fluke 700 pressure modules when used with a Fluke controller reference
  • Import of existing WinPrompt metrological information into COMPASS
  • Export to MET/TRACK software now supports multiple standards and customizable prompts

New in Version 5:

  • Support for new Fluke Calibration pressure products: 6270A Pressure Controller/Calibrator, 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator and 2700G Reference Pressure Gauges 
  • Now has a new remote interface library that prevents the Windows “freezing” issue seen on some systems
  • Database maintenance tool now purges old configuration details preventing the database size from growing
  • Several new example setups have been added to the default database, including an ISO 17025 compliant uncertainty calculation macro
  • Dozens of minor improvements and fixes