Infrared cameras built for the toughest industrial environments

Get the infrared cameras that are built on 65+ years of industrial experience. Each camera is built without compromise to the Fluke standard of "ruggedness, reliability and accuracy". Designed for everyday use, in any environment for thorough and accurate inspections. Choose from the affordable and versatile Performance Series, the Professional Series that offers superior image quality, or the Expert Series that gives you up to 1024 x 768 resolution on the industry’s largest screen.

Performance Series

Easy-to-use frontline troubleshooting

Professional Series

100 % Focused. Every object, near and far

Expert Series

Stunning HD and industry's largest screen

TiS10, TiS20, TiS40, TiS45, TiS50, TiS55, TiS60, TiS65, TiS75

For technicians who need quick, accurate thermal imaging in a rugged body. Get up to 320x240 resolution. Fluke's advanced diagnosis and reporting tools are included.

Ti300, Ti400, Ti450, Ti480

For professional thermographers and maintenance managers. Get focus near and far in one image with MultiSharp™ focus, or get instant focus with LaserSharp® Auto Focus.

TiX500, TiX520, TiX560, TiX580, TiX620, TiX640, TiX660, TiX1000

See incredible detail in your target with SuperResolution and up to 3.1 million pixels. Navigate over, under and around hard-to-reach objects with a 240° rotating screen. Easily view, annotate, edit and analyze images on the large tablet-like screen. Get advanced analytics such as streaming IR data and trend analysis.