Fluke 1743 Power Quality Logger

Fluke 1743 Power Quality Logger  



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Fluke 1743 Power Quality Logger


Power quality logging is easy with a compact and rugged Fluke power meter

The Fluke 1743 Power Quality Logger is an everyday power meter for technicians who troubleshoot and analyze power quality issues. Capable of simultaneously logging up to 500 power parameters for up to 85 days and monitoring for events, this power logger helps uncover intermittent and hard-to-find power quality issues. The included PQ Log software quickly assesses the quality of power at the service entrance, substation, or at the load, according to the latest EN50160 standard.


  • Energy and power quality assessment – Validate performance of facility improvements by quantifying energy consumption, power factor, and general power quality before and after improvements
  • Quality of service compliance – Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance and assess the effects of neighboring disturbing loads
  • Power quality studies – Assess baseline power quality to validate compatibility with critical systems before installation
  • Load studies – Verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
  • Disturbance analysis – Uncover root cause of equipment malfunction for mitigation and predictive maintenance